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You will be able to participate in special events, Launchpad, Airdrops presales of partnered projects and more with Valknut Token. We will increase the utility of Valknut Token with future updates.


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The safest first step you can take for your community is to get them to trust you. Get verify and create an environment of trust.


Hey Vikings!
Time to Equip Your Axe and Shield

The coming war is inevitable. Build your army, equip your equipment and get ready to fight!

Sol Vikings is not just an NFT Collection, it’s also a massive platformer. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the soldiers you earn by staking your NFTs. The soldiers you earn by staking for battle events, airdrop, launchpad and more will lead you to victory. We will talk about everything in detail in the upcoming whitepaper.




30 APRIL 20:00 UTC


I only see what the gods want me to see.


The Seer will clarify the answer to any of your questions.

We are a large-scale platform beyond an NFT Collection. We are a game, airdrop, giveaway and pre-sale platform. All you need to do is have a Sol Viking to access them all. You will be able to reach all the details with in our whitepaper.

Total supply is 5555.


Yes. 5% of every sale will be used for the development of our project. You can take a look at our whitepaper to see what those developments are.


Magic Eden





The Gods are awaiting the upcoming war excitedly.

For each Sol Viking you stake, you will earn 10 $VAL. You will be able to use your soldiers in upcoming events, airdrops and much more things that we will announce.

For example, in the war you will be able to send a minimum of 250 $VAL and a maximum of 10k $VAL to the war. The number of soldiers will increase your chances of gaining loot from the war. Other factors will be dependent on the properties of the items in your inventory. A war vault containing special items will be distributed to those who HODL Sol Vikings shortly after the mint date. You can use or sell them in our market.

You will get War Chests, when you HODL Sol Vikings. There will be many items in those chests such as axe, shield and swords. Those who want to buy a chest after the airdrop will have to wait for the Battle Events. A limited number of exclusive crates will be created for the Battle Events. While most of it will be redistributed to those who HODL, some War Chests will be reserved for those who want to buy them. You will be able to trade your chests and items in our marketplace.

We are building a huge launchpad for giveaways, airdrops and other Solana collections. You will use your “Valknut” to be a participant in those events.

Events that will be opened as PvE in the first place will also be offered in PvP version with the inclusion of Sol Rome’s army on the battlefield. You will use the soldiers you earn by staking in the events. The bigger your army, the higher your chances of winning. Also, the rarity of the reward you earn will be much higher. You will be able to win many items and special gifts in the events. Details will be published in the whitepaper.

To turn many emerging applications such as NFT, Gaming, Launchpad into a system where users can participate fairly in the growing Sol network. We are flawlessly building the staking system to protect Sol Viking collectors and take an active role in this project.

Some of the Roma NFT Collection that will be released for our PvP project will be distributed to Sol Vikings users, while some will be available for public sale. Details on Sol Rome will be announced soon.


HODL is all you need to do to earn the War Chest, where you can find everything you need before the big war. It will be distributed within a month after the mint is done.

come to valhalla


You will have the opportunity to get to know our team with our upcoming events.






        The greatest desire of the God of War and Wisdom is to perpetuate the glory of the Vikings in Solana Ecosystem.


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